“A one stop shop for accurate inventory management”

“This software is by far the best on the market”

“My favorite feature is using the cost projections”

“It’s really been a game changer”

Two of the largest hurdles Lubbock Fire Rescue faces on a day to day basis are PPE inventory management and NFPA 1851 compliance. Being a fast-growing department with over four hundred personnel, Lubbock Fire Rescue needed a software solution to help accurately manage our bunker gear program. PPE Software provides us this solution. Cleanings, inspections, repairs, locations, assignments, checklists, work orders…you name it, the program can do it. From running TCFP inspection reports to the bulk entry of 3rd party vendor service data, the program is a one stop shop for accurate inventory management. As if this wasn’t impressive enough, the people behind the program are what truly make it amazing. They go above and beyond helping insure the accuracy of your data, and continually strive to improve their product.

Jonathan Tunnell

Training Captain, Lubbock Fire and Rescue

It was very difficult to track turnouts issued to employees and keep tabs on repairs and maintenance. This is when I found P.P.E. Software. This cloud based software has made program management extremely easy. I can access the Department inventory on the Cloud Based server from any smartphone device or computer. All of my personnel are organized and I am able to track all aspects of safety gear. The best feature is the Alert Functions. I get email Alerts anytime our Gear is due for Replacement, Inspection, or Cleaning, which allows me to stay on top of NFPA compliance. I am also able to ensure that the gear my firefighters wear are at their safest condition through regular maintenance, cleaning and inspections. Using this program saves time and money through Budget projections and managing repair costs. This software is by far the best on the market and they are continually making improvements as they receive user feedback.

Jeff Schneider

Captain, San Bernardino County

PPE Software is a fantastic tool that makes a lot of my job as a Safety & Training Officer so easy! I love having a full equipment list just a few clicks away; the ease of marking a set of gear or piece of equipment for service is so simple and user friendly. My favorite feature is using the cost projections to keep a fiscally responsible eye on the needs of my department and replace gear as it is due for replacement. Setting up the alerts and notifications are very easy and can be customized to provide a detailed look at the status of your equipment cache. We spend a significant amount of time to outfit our crews with the best equipment and gear available, PPE Software allows us to make sure that the gear and equipment are safe and in compliance with the latest NFPA standards.

Rob Neuberger

Lieutenant, St Petersburg Fire and Rescue

PPE Software has streamlined our operations, saving So Cal PPE time, money and effort. The inspectors and other personnel find this software easy to use, we are pleased to be working with PPE Software and their ISP Solutions product. Their team is always quick to respond, and their expertise made the on-boarding process go smoothly. It’s really been a game changer working with fire departments and keeping everyone in sync.

James Wheeler

Operations Manager, SoCal PPE