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What makes PPE Softare so unique?

Unlike programs built by manufacturers or vendors, PPE Software was designed by fire service administrators to address the fire service’s needs. These universal requirements include fitting fire fighters, controlling repair costs, and a very simple and efficient way to log and track NFPA 1851 compliance.

What can the reporting module do for me?

With ready made reports, departments can easily:

  • Project fiscal liabilities for replacement years into the future.
  • Determine true cost of ownership by reporting on repair type, location, station assignment, and shift. This feature can help better improve your specs for increasing durability or even identifying a persistent manufacturer defect.
  • Determine what gear is due for cleaning and inspection.
  • Determine what gear is on loan or out for repair.

There are even more reporting capabilities as PPE Software captures all the data associated with your organization’s PPE. A complete history of any item can be provided in seconds. Reports can be custom built to suit your individual needs.

My maintenance vendor offers a program to me for free, why do I need yours?

PPE Software was designed to protect and monitor the fire department’s best fiscal interest. This enables your organization to have full control of its care and maintenance costs. A program designed by a vendor may not have been created with the same intent.  

We put fire departments in charge of their relationship with care and maintenance vendors. PPE Software will automatically cross check vendor repair estimates against your department’s predetermined thresholds. Would a maintenance company design their system around avoiding unnecessary and excessive repair costs?

How is PPE more efficient than competing programs?

No other system we are aware of can match PPE Software feature for feature. It is extremely comprehensive yet has been designed from the ground up to be simple and workflow friendly. It uses automated: sizing, alerts, reminders, cost controls, integrated in-house and vendor compliance logging.

Additionally, users can scan and log a maintenance record, or create a work order from any internet connected smart phone or other device.

Why pay for PPE when I can get another program for free?

Many of the free programs are built by either manufacturers or care and maintenance vendors. Because these programs were not built from a fire department’s standpoint, they often neglect to provide practical solutions for the everyday challenges fire departments face.

Having been designed and built by a fire department PPE administrator, PPE Software provides an easy, efficient, and often automated solution to all the challenges of managing PPE.